• Trust, open and effective communication
  • Give and receive constructive feedback


  • Take on feedback and do something with it
  • Strong mindset/mental toughness – will assist individuals to compete and cope within a highly competitive industry.


  • Image – On & Off field behaviour, wearing the correct uniform
  • Punctual – time management
  • Supporting TAC Road Safety Messages (Towards Zero)
  • Adhere to AFL Victoria programs & policies such as Respect & Responsibility, Racial Vilification, Social Media, Alcohol & Drug Awareness.


  • Adhere to and promote Team Rules
  • Lifestyle Balance – family, education/work, football, social
  • Commitment to improve – train with intensity, conditioning, injury management, & adhering to coaches’ feedback.
  • Do everything today that is ‘the lifestyle of an athlete’


  • For staff, peers, opposition, umpires, property & facilities
  • For parents & your own personal appearance, behaviour, character and integrity.
  • For the opportunity you have


  • On and off the playing field
  • Everyone to be a leader – by action & behaviour
  • “SEE something, SAY something, DO something”

Non adherence to the Core Values and our Code of Conduct may incur sanctions which will be discussed with AFL Victoria and managed by the Northern Knights at the appropriate time.