U18 TAC Cup Squad

The Northern Knights celebrated 25 Years in the TAC Cup on Thursday Night, with the TAC celebrating our local legend Dom Conte, former Knight Matthew Kruezer also came back to the club for the night.

In a fantastic night, Kreuzer emphasised the importance of not being a player who wants to go out and kick 5 and have 40 touches each week but be a player who puts the team rst.

Kreuzer said you can’t just get by on talent but you have to work hard as well and be that team plater, who plays his role each week to make the team be er. Kreuzer also expressed that as a young player don’t forget to enjoy your footy and have fun doing it.

But this night was about our local legend trainer Dom Conte who has been at the club 16 years now and is one of the most loved people at the Northern Knights.

Talent Manager Rhy Gieschen couldn’t speak more highly of Dom and what does for the development of our players, “having quality people like Dom around, he’s such a real leader and mentor for those young kids”

Dom’s friendly smile and famous upwards handshake are one of the rst things you no ce when you meet Dom, he loves this club and we love having him at the Knights.

Conte had this to say

 “My favourite part of the job, is watching these kids going through the 3 of 4 years in the sys- tem and then watching them get drafted….I’m like a mother hen on draft day, I sit there with a pen and paper and sometimes even shed some tears, they are like my kids almost.”

“This club means everything to me, I’ve been here for a long me and I’ll probably still be here in my 80’s”

Congratulations Dom.