U18 TAC Cup Squad

On Friday night, Four Northern Knights players went down to see the Lower Plenty Bears FIDA team. Nick Coffield, Matt Perry and Chas Roberts were led by Captain Mason Blakey to help out with a training session for the night.

The Lower Plenty Bears are a part of FIDA (Football Integration Development Association) which is a fully structured football competition for people who have learning challenges.

Mason Blakey has been a real standout in setting up these visits setting up a roster of players to go down and assist on the Friday and his enthusiasm hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Talent Manager Rhy Gieschen is extremely proud of what the boys are doing,

“Mason Blakey has been really enthusiastic about it and It’s a credit to our U18 playing group that as soon as I mentioned that it was an option to go along and assist at a training session for the Lower Plenty FIDA team they all jumped at the opportunity.”

Helping out the community is something the Knights really take pride in and this is a perfect example of that.

“It is great for the players to get out into the Northern community and help out where possible. Our theme for the playing group is Get comfortable being uncomfortable” Gieschen said.

For the boys to take time out of their day is a testament to how much the boys care about the community and that’s not lost on Gieschen.

“Most kids at their age are at home playing computer games or Pokémon Go. But to the players credit, they are always willing and keen to get outside of their normal routine and do community work. We are really proud of what they are doing.”

This isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last time that this occurs and Gieschen says this partnership will only continue to grow.

“Grant Barden and the guys at Lower Plenty do a great job with the FIDA program and the Knights are happy to assist in any way possible.”