To introduce players to the Northern Knights Football Club – Region Academy.

To introduce and implement a structured skill development program.

To focus on continual individual improvement.

To provide a healthy, disciplined Squad atmosphere.


It is anticipated that the aim will be achieved by the following methods:

By selecting the perceived best players, through consultation with Northern Knights Talent ID Staff and naming them in our Girls Squads.

By introducing and exposing players to basic fundamental football skills and disciplines, that they might well be expected to undertake if they were successful in being selected in future Northern Knights Squads.

By conducting a training program that will culminate in players being developed to their maximum potential and to be selected to graduate to AFL Womens.


The TAC Cup Girls Squad is for girls aged 16 to 18 (born in 2001 to 1999). Similarly to the TAC Cup squad in the boys program, the aim of the TAC Cup Girls squad is to prepare the players physically and professionally to play the highest level of football once they have graduated the program, whether it be AFL, VFL Women’s or Local football.

The TAC Cup Girls Squad commences pre-Christmas and finish in April with matches against other TAC Regions in a five match tournament style competition.

The Development Squad is for girls aged 14 and 15 (born in 2003 and 2002). The aim of the Development Squad is for girls to progress their football skills and understanding so that they give themselves the best possible opportunity to be selected for the Towards Zero squad when they graduate from the Development Squad. The focus will be on skill development.

The development squad runs in the from November and into new year after the Christmas holidays and will allow those girls selected to commence their training after our program finishes with the representative squads across the NFL and YJFL if selected.


Our Teams

Congratulations to all girls invited to be a part of the Inaugural Northern Knights Girls Squads


No. First Name Surname D.O.B Local Club
1 Lily Brancatisano 28/03/1999 Laurimar
2 Marnie Jarvis 10/01/2000 Yarrambat
3 Nell Morris-Dalton 5/04/2001 Fitzroy
4 Neve O’Connor 23/04/2000 Diamond Creek
5 Madeline Brancatisano 5/09/2000 Laurimar
6 Keely Fitzgerald 25/02/1999 Hurstbridge
7 Bailey Schultz 21/04/1999 Montmorency
8 Maddy Guerin 25/10/1999 Fitzroy
9 Courtney Jones-Hughes 16/09/2000 Donvale
10 Charlotte Mikic 29/07/1999 St Marys
11 Lily Paterson 22/09/2000 Eltham
12 Natasha Reeve 8/10/1999 Ivanhoe
13 Mika Suzuki 6/10/2000 Yarrambat
14 Bonnie Cantrill 19/12/2001 Diamond Creek
15 Alice Doyle 30/03/2000 Ivanhoe
16 Taylah Manson 12/22/2000 Greensborough
17 Ciara Fitzgerald 20/08/2001 West Preston
18 Sarah Sansonetti 2/08/2001 Bundoora
19 Ruby Panozzo 31/01/2000 Montmorency
20 Olivia Antonello 12/05/2001 Yarrambat
21 Eve Capetola 9/11/1999 Banyule
22 Britney Gutknecht 20/04/2001 Laurimar
23 Gabrielle Newton 31/08/2001 Montmorency
24 Alexandra Pronesti 4/10/2000 Yarrambat
25 Emma Toscano 14/03/2001 Bulleen-Templestowe
26 Ebony Clayton 19/05/2001 St Marys
27 Paije Kearney 28/06/2001 Epping
28 Bridgette Hallal 23/06/1999 Darebin Falcons
29 Lauren Durante 17/01/2001 Diamond Creek
30 Gabby Cleeman 14/12/2001 Parkside
32 Abby Glascott 5/12/2000 Ivanhoe
33 Taylah Curavic 8/09/2001 Laurimar
34 Stephanie Yoannidis 16/11/1999 Montmorency
35 Malaya Rodezno 2/10/2001 Eltham
37 Cameron Schultz 24/10/2001 Montmorency
38 Courtney Beaton 1/12/2000 Greensborough
40 Sarah Townsend 28/07/1999 Montmorency


No. First Name Surname D.O.B Local Club
Maykaylah Appleby 18/07/2003 South Morang
Alyssa Bannan 13/04/2002 South Morang
Abigail Bennett 18/10/2002 West Preston
Ellouise Bishop 24/04/2003 Northcote
Guilia Ceravolo 23/06/2002 South Morang
Maeve Chaplin 22/08/2002 West Preston
Tarrah Delgado 22/08/2003 Research
Jessica Fitzgerald 8/03/2002 St Marys
Marlo Gardam 8/03/2003 Montmorency
Taneisha Gillard 17/05/2003 Montmorency
Ella Gray 2/08/2002 Research
Taylah Harris 12/02/2003 Montmorency
Toni Mahony 3/08/2002 Laurimar
Jemma McCarthy 14/03/2002 Banyule
Ellie McKenzie 17/10/2002 Fitzroy
Trinity Mills 8/11/2002 St Marys
Michaela Molenberg 6/11/2003 Research
Mia Papachristos 6/04/2003 Ivanhoe
Olivia Papaleo 17/08/2002 Diamond Creek
Lanarose Picioane 31/01/2003 St Marys
Angelique Reibelt 29/03/2003 Research
Portia Ricardo 10/03/2002 Diamond Creek
Paris Schmiedel 20/05/2002 South Morang
India Sellick 3/11/2002 South Morang
Tiarne Shell 1/02/2002 Laurimar
Jessica Simpson 28/03/2003 St Marys
Ashleigh Snow 23/10/2002 West Preston
Grace Teagle 10/04/2002 Eltham
Grace Wake 11/07/2003 Mill Park
Allyson Waldron 18/04/2002 St Marys
Anna Williams 3/01/2002 Ivanhoe
Chloe Williams 20/01/2003 Northcote
Laila Zayat 10/06/2002 Diamond Creek



18/02/2017 Sunday 11:00am Intra Club Whittlesea Showgrounds
25/02/2017 Sunday 4:00pm Oakleigh Chargers Victoria Park




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