Past Players, U18 TAC Cup Squad

A new era of the Northern Knights began on Monday Night, with the announcement of Nicholas Coffield as the club’s 2017 TAC Cup Captain at the club’s annual Guernsey Presentation Night.

With fresh coaches, players and minds, the room was packed and brimming with excitment as the club honoured its players’ hard work over the Pre-Season by presenting them with the Northern Knights jumper that they have worked so hard to achieve. But the highlight of the event was the announcement of the 2017 Leadership Group and new leader Coffield’s resounding speech.

“The Knights now have a more club atmosphere than any other time I’ve been here and I’m confident the club is heading in the right direction.” Coffield said

“By everyone working together on and off the field, we can again make the Knights respected off the field and feared on the field.”

“We need to make the most of this special opportunity we have together, leave no stone unturned, it is our time to create our own story, let’s make the Knights great again.”

Coffield will be aided by a leadership group this season, which includes a mixture of top-agers, a 19-year-old and a bottom ager. Anthony Fable, Joel Naylor, Ethan Penrith, Jamison Shea and Kye Agosta, were the men selected by the playing group and staff to be the on field leaders of the season ahead.

Additionally, 52 exemplary young men received their jumpers last night to the warm applause of their peers, parents and support staff.

In celebration of the night, The club brought back former players Kane Lambert and Patrick Lipinski who talked of their experiences at the club.

Lambert was full of praise for his TAC Cup team.

“Some of my best friends are from the Knights and that shows the type of people and players they bring into the club” he said.

Lipinski who was drafted this year to the Western Bulldogs a team he followed growing up, really appreciated all the help the club gave him last year, not just when he was playing good but in the tough times as well.

“Anth and Jake really helped me when I broke my hand last year and helped me get through that period not only getting me back to full strength but helped me add to my game while I was out, which I really appreciated.” Lipinski commented.

The players, coaches, staff, parents and friends of this #UKNIGHTED club now looks towards this Sunday and it’s Round 1 clash against the Western Jets at IKON Park.