U18 TAC Cup Squad

Join the Night Drive Challenge this August and help score your club $2500!

Did you know 20 hours night driving practice is the new rule? Every young learner driver now needs to complete these within their 120 hours of practice. And during August we’re challenging you, and your team mates, to get behind the wheel at night to help your team score the highest collective tally of night driving hours!

We’re giving away three weekly prizes of $250 for the top scoring teams, plus a major prize of $2,500 for the club with the highest overall score for August. So, to get your team in the running, keep practising at night and log your weekly hours on your club’s Scoreboard. The winner for each week will be announced on TAC Cup Instagram and Facebook, and notified through your TAC Cup Team Manager.


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Tackling night time driving. 

Everyone goes through the challenge of learning to drive at night – both parents and Learner drivers.

Gabby Newton from the Northern Knights has had her Learner’s Permit for nearly a year, and has been kicking goals on and off the field. She’s working hard to reach the mandatory 20 hours of night time driving before she gets her probationary licence.

“Oncoming headlights make visibility challenging,” says Gabby. Her dad Ty adds that “tiredness, and being dazzled by high beam headlights increase the challenge”. If this happens, it’s best to look towards the left side of the road and drive towards the left of your lane. You may need to slow down and safely pull over to let your eyes recover.

Another test for Gabby has been “switching between low and high beam”. It’s essential headlights are on low beam when another vehicle is within 200 metres, including dipping headlights when you’re 200 metres or less behind a vehicle.

Both Gabby and her dad agree that more night practice now, will make her more confident about night driving when she gets her licence. Their top tip?

“Lots of practice under lights,” says Ty.